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Hold and Cold Fork Buffets

For parties of 20 or more, these filling buffet items are perfect for networking. Served with bread rolls, tea and cofee, these menus are £29 per person. Please choose two main course items, two salads and two desserts.

Cold Main Courses

  • Dressed fresh salmon and prawns
  • Smoked fish platter - salmon, mackerel, trout
  • Meat platter - ham, beef, pastrami and turkey
  • Ardennes pate, toasted baguette slices and gherkins
  • Avocado, roast artichokes, quails eggs and sun blush tomato
  • Marinated roasted vegetables, asparagus, quails eggs and sun blush tomato
  • Goat’s cheese, watercress and tomato tart

Hot Main Courses

  • Braised beef in red wine with mushrooms, bacon and shallots and potatoes
  • Chilli beef with mixed beans and rice
  • Roast butterfly leg of lamb with apricot and horseradish sauce, served with potatoes
  • Greek lamb stew with tomatoes and olives, served with potatoes or rice
  • Chicken with red and yellow peppers and tomato sauce, served with potatoes or rice
  • Chicken rogan josh with mini naan and rice
  • Seafood fricassee with a saffron sauce and mashed potato
  • Escalope of salmon, roast red pepper, rocket sauce and potatoes
  • Vegetable korma with mini naan and rice (v)
  • Chickpea and roast vegetable tagine in a tomato and apricot sauce with rice or potatoes (v)
  • Sweet potato chilli with rice (v)
  • Melanzane parmigiani - aubergine, tomato and parmesan bake, served with potatoes (v)

Select two salads:

  • Greek salad
  • Celery, apple, fennel, white cabbage and walnut
  • Wild rocket, frissee salad , parmesan cheese and croutons
  • Mixed roasted vegetables with couscous
  • Crispy rainbow salad - mixed leaf and seasonal vegetables
  • Pesto pasta, spinach, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes

Select two desserts:

  • Tropical fruit salad served with greek yoghurt and honey
  • Cheeseboard with grapes, nuts and dried fruit
  • Chocolate ganache tart
  • Peach and almond tart
  • Key lime pie
  • Blueberry brûlée tart

Prices exclude VAT

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